Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Fall Camp: Controlled Scrimmage

Wildcat11 stopped by the 'Cats practice on Saturday to take in some of Linfield's controlled scrimmage. The 'Cats "official" scrimmage is next Saturday but the team lined up for some near 100% tempo action. The Coaching staff seems pretty upbeat about the progress so far. There are areas the 'Cats need to shore up and improve upon the next couple of weeks but the staff feels the men are moving towards game readiness.

The ADvantage will start moving towards our standard in-season reps this week as we'll have our Around The Catdome news segment on Friday, NWC game picks on Thursday but we'll still have some action from camp posted up too. So make sure you keep coming back everyday for something new. Go 'Cats!

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d1shima said...

Thanks for the videos....keep it up!

Countin' the days til we come back up in October....