Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Fall Camp Kicks Off With the Family Getting Back Together

Oh man, football is back at the 'Catdome!!!! What seemed like so long ago now just feels like yesterday as 180 Wildcats and their families poured into the 'Catdome to kickoff the 2010 fall camp with the 'Cats annual BBQ. It's a great way to break the ice and help assure those new players (80 frosh) and their parents that their sons are in the right hands over the next 4 years.

In WC11's eyeball estimation I'd say there was around 400 total people in attendance last night as returners were able to catch up with each other and new players were able to shake the hands for the first time with guys that will be new life long friends. It's a fun and relaxing environment for all involved.

After the Catdome feasted, Coach Smith addressed the team for about 18 minutes on what values Linfield football is built upon and what expectations the returners have been living by since their time at Linfield. The Frosh will be introduced to these expectations over the next few weeks and during the season. WC11 doesn't want to get into that much detail but this value system has been around Linfield for the longest time but Coach Smith has does a fantastic job in communicating these values to the team and holding the program accountable. Coach Smith and his staff walks the doubt about it.

When Coach Smith wrapped up, the team broke out into position groups around the field for formal introductions. Some groups kept it pretty simple (Name, Year, what you did this summer) and other groups went into much more detail. In lurking around the most interesting thing that I found out is that if Senior WR Ryan Henderson could change one thing about himself is that he would add another 4 to 5 his height. (Yes, Hendy added that pause to the height disclaimer.)

Finally, the night wrapped up with the Seniors poking a little fun at the Coaching Staff under the theme of "What would each of the coach's touchdown celebration be?" WC11 was headed home by that point but I'm sure that Coach Rombach took a beating for being too intense and that the seniors took a crack at Coach Smith's double digit career INT total while at Linfield.

WC11 won't be able to make out to camp until this weekend but we'll be bringing you plenty of video and blog posts over the next couple of weeks. Let's Go 'Cats!


Cris said...

Cool pics!

Anonymous said...

80 freshman! and 182 people on the roster how is that gunna work! Can't they only carry like 125?

d1shima said...

Nice night...nice turnout.

Look forward to more posts!