Monday, August 23, 2010

Linfield Fall Camp Opens with Fast Pace and High Quality

Strap in and hold on, we have a packed week here on the ADvantage! WC11 spent some considerable time at this weekends practices and I have to say that I'm liking what I'm seeing. The tempo is fast but the demand on quality is high.

Overall, the first thought that comes to my mind is a sense of urgency and great leadership from the older guys from the first couple of days being around the team. I saw offensive players cheering after a defender made a great play and the same thing when a offensive player broke out a gem. Don't get me wrong, each side of the ball was getting after it but you can tell the guys on the team like and care about one another. That's a good thing.

Another thing that jumped out at me is the competition on the field. We have a number of vets that are battling for that starting spot and we have a lot of new comers that look college ready. But the key is that the vets are still coaching up and helping out the young bucks with their technique and scheme. It's just the Linfield way and it's going strong.

I would have liked to post a clip up yesterday but my old laptop is on it's last legs. Seriously, I almost threw it against the wall last night. However, we have some kinks worked out and this is what you can expect the rest of the week: Offensive players interview, Defensive Players Interviews, A clip of random action from Saturday and Sunday's practice, work during special teams breakdown, and we'll kick it off with the big fells during drive drill. One-on-One pass rush was always my favorite drill but Drive Drill was a close second. Watch the clip and you'll know why. Keep coming back each day during the week for a new clip.


doc said...

Somebody has been dragging a sled or some tires around this summer to go out like that on the second day.

Island Cat said...

Sorry WC11, but I was getting pumped just watching this, my all-time fav drill. Gotta admit, it's hard to beat all that CRUNCHING!


Mahalo Plenty for sharing.
Island Cat

Kurtis Williams said...

That is a glorious sound I've been waiting months for.