Friday, October 14, 2011

Around The 'CatdomeO'sphere

Dang, the 'Catdome is a great place to take in a football game.
Welcome back to your weekly news link round up where we gather everything we can track down dealing with OUR Linfield Wildcats and teams around the NWC (and Menlo since the 'Cats will be playing them soon).  We have a full range of nice pieces this week.  Justin Derby continues to nice job on wildcatspread40 in covering the 'Cats and capturing some nice quotes from players and coaches.  The Full Access podcast is classic, and the bonus video is FAN-tastic.  Make it back to the ADvantage on Sunday with Pacific post-game interviews and we'll get ready for 'Lute week!

The Linfield Review: 'Cats put Loggers out of business

The Linfield Review: Linfield prepares for the next level

News Register: Nasca keeps it moving

The News Register:  UPS vs Linfield live blog recap Willamette's weekly podcast as they talk to UPS Head Coach Jeff Thomas and Mike Allegre claims that Linfield doesn't have a single starting defender that's better than any of the Willamette defenders (13:40 mark) What WCS40 leaned about the 'Cats in week 6 Loggers Get Chainsawed 73-7... Rats fall to PLU in the final moments PLU kicks the Rats to the curb Weak unsportsmanlike conduct penalty dooms Rats Rats vs Lutes Photo Gallery

The News Tribune: Logger assistant coach has been sticking it out for a LONG time with UPS football. It has to feel like dog years.

Statesman Journal: Bearcats rolls Pacific Pirates taunt their way out of a victory The Oregonian's crappy small college round up

Full Access Sports Vimeo Page: Willamette's Mark Speckman talks Boxers and Loggers...oh my!

The News Tribune: PLU Field Goal decision of "fake it or kick it" leads to win and the Loggers "didn't execute in any aspect of the game" James Day talks about the 'Cats 73 Menlo improves to 5-1 in shutout vs Webber International in Florida Menlo wins in terrible conditions in Florida vs Webber International Menlo's Mattias Pelesasa has found a home just down the street from his home

The Rats lose another close one, this time to PLU (page 20 of pdf)

Pioneer Log: L&C is undefeated and feeling "Bloodthirsty" for more

Pacific Index: Boxers are mining 8-man football for their 11-man teams.

Pacific Index: Boxers not afraid to reach in the bags of tricks.

Pacific Index: When you're 0-5 you have to have something to cheer about.


UW-Whitewater has a great football program.  No doubt about it and I'm not going to take pot shots at the type of football they play because how can you?  They're freaking good.  However, their team intro videos they run on the UWW scoreboard are high freaking comedy.  I mean, COme on UWW.  The 2010 video was pure gold because it was like 5 guys were sitting around and said "Let's slap together a intro video where we look very uncomfortable in front of the camera and people are laughing in the background".  This one is painful because it looks like someone actually tried and it's just brutal.  "DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS?"  Um....well I'm sitting in a football stadium with a bunch of football players running around so I hope it's time for a football game.  Then we get to the meat of the video with sweet animations and random video clips that don't do justice to the type of program UWW is.  I'm probably a jerk for writing this but if you're going to have 10K watching this on your board then it might be good to step your game up.


doc said...

State school.
Miss OxyBob's take.

Anonymous said...

Post a link to Lindfield's Entrance video for comparison.

Wildcat 11 said...

Not a problem:

or here is 2009

BTW, It's Linfield (drop the extra "d")