Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Game 7: Linfield at Menlo Game Day Guide

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My goodness.  The end of October means three things, Holloween, Linfield is closing in on another NWC title, and Wildcat11 has to miss his only game of the season.  Yes, Catdome peeps, due to work (yes, I do have a real job) I won't be able to make the trip down to NorCal to watch what I'm expecting to be a competitive and possiblity tight game down at Menlo.  I'll talk more tomorrow on why this has the makings of a classic "trap game" for the 'Cats if they're not prepared to take on an improved and talented Menlo team.  But for now I have some tips for you if you're making your 1st trip down to Menlo.

Atherton, California is a stone's throw away from the heart of Silicon Valley and just a few miles away from Stanford's campus.  It's a highly populated area which is both good and bad if you're making the trip.  The good there are a gaggle of food and lodging options off of El Camino Real which seems to run through the entire West Bay metro area. If you want to stay with the 'Cats then give the Hilton Garden Inn in Mountain View a call and see if you can get a break on your room.

Menlo's campus is small....tiny.  Parking is very limited and this is the only small college venue that I can remember where you have to pay for parking.  I know $5 isn't much but it's still different to pay to park at a small college game.  (It was the same kind of shock I had when UPS paid me to park because they were so happy to have someone attend their game.)  So you better get to campus early and have some cash on hand.  Click on the #7 ICON above and there's links to the games VIDEO FEED and to a map of Menlo's campus so you can see where your parking options are.  Weather should be prefect, 72 and sunny, so enjoy one last Saturday in shorts in T-Shirts before we into the last two weeks of the season which I'm sure will be a little more chilly.

If you want a bigger look at the map then either click on the link on the info bar on the right or just click here.

REMINDER: Parents and Fans that are looking to travel to Whitworth the 'Cats will be staying at the Red Lion River Inn.  Click on the link for hotel contact information.


doc said...

Gee, you can see the brown spots on the field from that aerial shot.

Anonymous said...

Brown spots? The angle I'm seeing has a huge brown stripe down the middle of the field. I expect it to look like that after the Cats run up and down it on Saturday but not before.... :)