Saturday, October 29, 2011

Linfield vs Menlo Game Day Twitter Feed

Doing something different here today on ADvantage 'Catdome. You can now follow live updates of the 'Cats vs. Menlo via folks that will be tweeting the action. Join twitter (it's easy) and be a part of the action. Just make sure you hash-tag "Catdome" in your updates.


Chris said...

Very cool! I listened to the game (starting at 4th QT) and was going crazy with all the turnovers and penalties. But I think every team has a down game so we are lucky to get the win. Now we have a game under our belt that was tough. Something to remember and drive us to get better. How 'bout a showdown at the Catdome with two undefeated teams!

d1shima said...

Lots to work on: net 44 yards rushing being the biggest thing.

But take any win, any day.

Take care of business in Spokane...Go 'Cats!