Sunday, August 25, 2013

2013 Fall Camp Intervierw, Senior Defensive End Kel Poomaihealani

Kel Poomaihealani (#49) is going to be a wrecking ball for the 'Cats defense in 2013.

It was a tremendous weekend in the 'Catdome for old WC11 as I was able to take in my first live extended time with this 2013 Linfield squad.  My first impression was the Seniors are doing a first rate job in leading this team with bringing energy, teaching up the young 'Cats, and proving it with their talent on the field.  The other main item that jumped up was the talent on the roster.  Established players, up and comers, and new players in the program.  This Linfield roster is stacked with players on both sides of the ball and it's evident if you watch them for any length of time.  That doesn't mean anything is promised to this Linfield team as they're going to have to prove it against one of the toughest early season schedules in the country and a constantly improving Northwest Conference.

One of the key members of the 2013 senior class and of this Wildcat defense is Defensive End Kel Poomaihealani.  This will be his 3rd season as a starter in the 'Cats 4-2-5 defense and each year Kel has stepped his game up to another level.  Last season saw Poomaihealani 2nd in the team in QB sacks (9) and tackles for loss (13.5).  Kel is a fierce competitor on the field and has established himself as one of the toughest players on this Wildcat roster. 

Kel and I had a great conversation this weekend at practice where we touched on his toughts on the team's progress up to this point, his development as a player, thoughts on his defensive coordinator Coach Jackson Vaughan, and what's down the road for the 'Cats as they open up the 2013 season.

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