Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fall Camp Interview: Linebacker Coach, Phil Rombach

Coach Rombach enters his 7th year leading the Linfield LB's
Fall camp is moving fast as the 'Cats move into their 4th full day.  I'm sure at this point everything hurts for the players and coaches are feeling the strain as well. The 'Cats are still rocking 1/2 pads but soon enough will be putting on the full gear as September 14th gets closer and closer.

I was fortunate enough to track down Linfield Linebacker Coach Phil Rombach yesterday between meetings and talk to Coach about not only his Linebackers but about the program's overall strength and conditioning.  Coach Rombach is in his 7th year with the 'Cats after finishing his playing career in the 'Catdome and this is his 2nd year directing the program's strength and condition program.  Coach Rombach is a great fit for the S&C program and has done such a great job he was recognized as the 2012 Division III Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year by American Football Monthly.

I did catch Coach on short notice and my phone was in a bad spot so the reception isn't ideal but Coach provided a number of great nuggets about this 2013 program, what it takes to make it as a freshman LB, and the overall outlook for the Linebacking corp in 2013.

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Alex Tkachuk said...

All of the freshman LBs have a lot to gain from the experience of fall camp. You will be able to use what you learn during these two weeks later on in life, when you join a new organization for work. Listen to the people with experience, ask questions at the right time, and if your mind is swimming, at least it isn't sinking. Having started in a whole new 'sport' of lumber trading, on Monday, I get to use the experience you guys are going through as motivation while I learn a new playbook. Stick with it, and commit to yourself. Some of you guys might do well with the opportunities available in the Northwest forest products industry. Look into it, its a good field. And since not all of you get to enjoy Coach Rombach for 5 hours a day, here is a good one: