Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kids Day at the 'Catdome

It was Kids Day at the 'Catdome this past Sunday and as usual it was a blast for both the little ones and for the players as well.  After the 'Cats concluded their sunday full padded practice the kids gathered up in the locker room and ran through a player formed tunnel to the midfield.  I was having a hard time filming as the looks on the kids' faces were priceless as they were slapping five with these giants. 

After the a "team" break the kids gathered on the sideline where Coach Smith talked to the kids about his players and what positions they played.  Coach would have various players stand in front of the group and have the kids guess their weight.  I did feel bad when Charlie Poppen was in front and I heard a little boy yell out "110 pounds".  Ouch. 

The players put on an offense vs defense demonstration for the kids and it was pure comedy.  The guys did a great job in putting on a show for the kids as bodies were flying around the turf like the WWE invaded Linfield.  After the demo, the kids ran a wide range of drills, then went to dinner with the players, and finished off their day with some passing games back at the 'Catdome.  A great job by the program in making some great memories for these children in the community.
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