Tuesday, October 9, 2007

‘Cats brought the doughnuts

Our Linfield Wildcats were able to put together a solid effort this past Saturday as the ‘Cats shut out NWC opponent Puget Sound 37-0. Linfield found the run game for a day and the benefits were great as it allow a rested defense to shut down the Loggers during the afternoon. One week doesn’t make a season as the ‘Cats have a huge challenge this Saturday in Ashland but let’s take a look back at this weeks “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”

The Good:

The Running Game
Linfield made a big move and shifted Jr. slot receiver Travis Masters to the starting tailback spot. For the first week the moved paid off big as Travis racked up 149 rushing yards on the day. It was the largest rushing total by a player since 2003 when Thomas Ford piled up 237 yards in a first round playoff win over Redlands. Linfield used a nice mix of Jr. Dan Lever in short yardage and vet Pete Cruickshank to round out the rushing attack. Really enjoyed the way the Oline was physical and the WR corp did a great job in working their blocks downfield.

Brian Mehl
The Senior safety had a standout day in recording 11 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 interception as Brian spearheaded the defense in their first shutout of the year. Mehl has played very well all year long and was rewarded with his play as being named the NWC defensive player of the week.

Scott Birkhofer
53-yard field goal and that broke a record he set 3 weeks prior of 52-yards. The junior kicker is damn good.

The overall sense of urgency
There was such a distinct difference in the emotional level of the team this week. They had a sense of urgency and level of readiness. They were not so wound up where they were emotionally exhausted after the first snap but they were just ready to roll. That attitude is what this team needs every day. Blue collar, hard work at practice and then it will carry over on Saturday.

The Bad:

PAT Crew.
Can we please go one game without having a stinking PAT blocked? Please?

Two Turnovers:
They didn’t really hurt but in a close game those turnovers could have. We still need to clean up our ball security. Our ability to hang on the ball is going to be very large the next two weeks.

2,500 people is just ok but I have greater expectations than just 2,500. The crowd that was there did a great job in backing the ‘Cats but when you are used to seeing 3,500-4,000 people at the ‘Catdome the drop off is noticeable.

The Ugly:

Willamette had the bye week and they play UPS next Saturday so it was ugly that their team was there sporting their Bearcat gear. The funny thing is that for the past 7 years I’m sure there were bearcat players that showed up at Linfield games during their bye week but you wouldn’t know because they would never wear anything that tied them to Willamette for fear of people smirking at them for being a Willamette football player. Enjoy it this year because that’s as far as it will go.

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Downtown48 said...

I knew there was a reason I hated the Bearcats...funny thing is, nobody really believes that they could win the conference this year...same can't be said for linfield.