Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lute Week!!


Running Back


Wide Receiver

Head Coach


Wildcat11 said...

Fantastic post Downtown! Tom Selleck would approve.

Anonymous said...

Too bad this little spoof doesn't help the Cats win games. Ho hum, another season on the couch in the playoffs. Enjoy the season fellas!!!

Downtown48 said...

Yo Tommy...Shouldn't you be at free hot dog night down at the mission? I think you even get a front of the line pass if you've had a cot at the Y for the last 60 days...have a good night Thomas.

MacQuiz said...

I like the mustache stuff. It's all in good fun and follows right behind the Lutes own "Quirky" deal about superstitious stuff to make guys play better. Unlike the last post and the (percieved?) stuff that went on prior to the start of the SOU game.
The key is respect for the game and the opponent.
That's what we're all about.
Cat's can let the "metal" speak for itself after the clock starts to move.