Monday, October 1, 2007

Good Luck Old Guys!

Show the pups how it's done tonight...and keep the flaxseed oil handy!


Wildcat11 said...


I'm going to need a lot more that one day of the cream and the clear. BTW, I cannot pick the right day to hold this game in terms of nice weather. Looking like a wet one.

Anonymous said...

This is always such a great event!
Tonight's liable to be cold and wet so the idea to keep handy some "Rubbin-Ointment", or other suitable snake oil treatment is good advise.
Good luck to the young and the know...the other guys.

D O.C. said...

Hope ya'll been stretching since September 10th.

Anonymous said...

That was a pretty nice night.
It was great to see the guys, young and old, renew thier friendships and engage in some healthy comeraderie. What good therapy (for anyone) to see all those smiles.