Wednesday, July 2, 2008 T-Shirt: ...and the winner is?!

Cardinal Red was hands down the favorite from folks that were nice enough to send me an e-mail and I agree with them 100%. I tweaked the lettering a little and the above is pretty close to what the final product is going to look like. I might consider adding a little color to the Wildcat logo but that will cost more money so that could be out the window.

I'm currently working with a apparel rep so my hope is to have the actual shirts by mid-August. Until then I won't be taking orders because I still have to figure out details.

Thank you again for all that have expressed your opinions and thoughts. If this goes well enough then we'll make this an annual deal where we come out with a new shirt each season.

Go 'Cats!


DO.C. said...

Too late!!

I really was on board for the white on scarlet.

I was just hoping to suggest the kind of lettering that the tee shirt color shows through-like CASTELLAR in MicroSoft Word fonts.

Thanks for everything.

Dennis Anderson '58 said...

Unfortunately, your dad was wrong about who was in the crow's nest at the top of the stadium. Long-time cinematographer Duane Qualey was up there. Hall of Fame coach Ad Rutschman, Linfield's Ad-vantage for 24 years, was in the coaches' box adjacent to the press and radio boxes. But your dad meant well.