Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Boehme and Nishizaki continue their allied assault in Germany.

Time to check in on Former Linfield QB Aaron Boehme and DT Paul Nishizaki. As we covered earlier both Boehme and Nish are currently in Schwabisch Hall Germany playing for the Schwabish Hall Unicorns (Go 'Corns!) of the German Football League. The 'Corns have come out the gates blazing so far this season starting off at 5-0 while putting up 40 points per game and only 13 ppg. Boehme is currently 2nd in the GFL in Total Offense (280.2 yards per game), leads the GFL with 18 passing TD's, completion percentage (72.7), and 3rd in passing yards per game at 264 passing yards per game.

Nishizaki is the 5th leading tackler on the 'Corns and causing major issues for team's rushing attack. Nish has 17 tackles, 4.5 for loss, 1 QB sack, and a fumble recovery.

The above video is a highlight of the 'Corns 42-7 win over the Saarland Hurricanes from this past Saturday. I didn't understand 99% of it but picked up Boehme and Touchdown many, many times.


d1shima said...


They gotta work on the halftime entertainment.

It must be kinda tough when the only other guy who can understand you is always on the field when you're on the sidelines!

I wonder if they'd allow those mini-cabanas in the Catdome?

Chris said...

Damn, Boehme can play in the NFL! Come on Redkins, take a chance! Linfield continues to make their mark. I talked to a kid at work who went to Sherwood and his lifelong dream was to play at Linfield. Nice to talk to a young guy who knows the school. I've developed quite a fan base for the program here! :) Go Cats!