Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Linfield announces 19 new recruits will be coming to the 'Catdome in the fall

Issaquah's Evan Peterson is one of 19 that will be joining the 'Cats this fall

Linfield Head Coach Joe Smith and his staff have announced 19 new commitments to the 2011 Linfield Football team. Wildcat11 has been keeping up with the staff though the recruiting season and I can tell you the staff has been working tirelessly in identifying and recruiting top level players to join the program.

With about 100 returners headed into the 2011 season the staff didn't want to bring in a huge class like last season (almost 80 players) so the program narrowed their search and efforts and the return is a group of young 'Cats that the staff feels can contribute to the program early. Now with possible transfers and few remaining players look for that 19 number to move up in the mid-20's if not 30 commitments by the time this is all said and done.

Once the class is finalized, we'll break it down by position group with highlight videos (if available). Welcome to the 'Catdome and we look forward to you joining the family! Go 'Cats!

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