Monday, May 2, 2011

Intelligence Specialist B.Z. Brown's 2010 Linfield vs Willamette pre-game speech

Considering the world events of the past 24 hours, Wildcat11 thought now would be as an appropriate as time to post up this spine tingling pre-game talk from former Intelligence Specialist/Army Ranger B.Z. Brown.

B.Z. addressed the 'Cats before this past year's game vs Willamette. Having guest speakers come and address the team is a non-typical event for the 'Cats and I was surprised when Coach Smith introduced his childhood friend to talk to our 'Cats about the similarities between being a special operator and a elite college football team/player. B.Z. didn't come in with fire and brimstone but just delivered his message with such conviction and truth that it took an already fired up Wildcat team and just sharpened their focus that much more.

I've watched this many times and it delivers chills each time listen to B.Z.'s message. Wildcat11 is thankful and indebted to people like B.Z. who are protecting us without fanfare and praise. Thank you to those that do the heavy lifting and swing the hammer when necessary.