Thursday, August 25, 2011

2011 Fall Camp: Skelly Session

The skelly session is a very common drill that you'll find in just about any football camp across the country and the 'Cats are no different as the Linfield defensive backs and offensive backs hook up in this 7-on-7 passing drill during the 1st half of practice throughout the season.

Everybody loves watching skelly but I'm always torn when I have the good fortune of watching practice. The reason is as skelly is rolling along the big fellas are usually getting together for either drive drill or a full line pass rush drill and being a former defensive lineman watching a good old fashion pass rush or massive amounts of collisions are just way too much fun to miss out on. So this one time I forsake my roots to bring you the clip above of the 'Cat Backs tossing the rock around the 'Catdome.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I know it's a whole lot different with the hogs rushing at ya but I was encouraged by seeing this. The QB spot is obviously going to be vital but I think Mickey looked pretty confident and was putting the ball where it needed to be. He had some great mentors in Boehme and Bix but now its time for him to take the reigns. Go Cats!

d1shima said...

Nice throws.

Maybe a few more "look offs" to help the Receivers might be nice.

Chris said...

This team is gonna be tough to beat! It has been a while since we had a QB competition here. I like both Mickey and Yoder. We are definitely in good hands with these guys. You never know, I was at the game Boehme went down in Texas and Bix came in and pushed Hardin-Simmoms to the brink. Go Cats!

criswyly said...

I just want to thank you Wildcat11 for all your time keeping us Catfans informed....and please pass on the thanks to Mrs. Wildcat11 for allowing you the time to do this work for us all.