Monday, August 8, 2011

'Cats report to camp next week! The 2011 season is near.

YOUR 2011 Linfield College Wildcats will be reporting to camp starting next Wednesday as the 'Cats take the 1st step into their 2011 season. You know Wildcat11 will bring you all the scoops and inside views of the 'Cats that we can muster up.

Are you ready? Send 'Em Up!


Anonymous said...

Any offensive or defensive previews this year?

Anonymous said...

How's the 2011 scoreboard introduction video coming along?

Wildcat 11 said...

Off/Def previews. Want to try to punch those videos out but they may fall by the wayside due to WC11 just not having enough time to wrap them up. I'll do my best.

Scoreboard intro: Going great. Have the idea, almost done shooting, and not we're just about the place where I can start putting it together. It should be a spine tingling 2 minutes of video.