Friday, September 9, 2011

Around The 'CatdomeO'sphere

Linfield's season kicks off tomorrow at 1 P.M.
YEAH!  It's Friday during football season so you know what that means on the ADvantage; it's time to take a trip around the 'CatdomeO'sphere.  This is where Wildcat11 rounds up all the various links relating to Linfield football, the NWC, and the 'Cats non-conference opponents.  We have some good links for you to chew on from this past week and be sure to read the touching story about Lewis & Clark's Shawn Evans and his father, Butch, who is dying from terminal cancer but is living his ladder days to the fullest in following his sons football career at L&C.

I'm sure as Friday rolls along there will be new articles popping up on the net and I'll be sure to add them to the list below.  Go 'Cats!

Quick Note:  Couches are NOT banned from the 'Catdome. Students are still more than welcome to bring in couches to the student section in the south end zone.

Linfield Sports Player Profile:  Defensive Back Christian Hanna is a true Wildcat.

News-Register: Mickey Inns named the 'Cats starting QB in the season opener  Cal Lu looking to knock off Linfield in back-to-back season openers  CLU's new stadium isn't quite ready and on a side note I hope they're plan on padding that brick wall 5 feet beyond the South End Zone.  Yikes. Best team that CLU has had (on paper) is ready to invade the 'Catdome's Triple Take:  Linfield/CLU is Keith McMillan's D3 game of the week Williams Anchors 'Cat Running Attack in 2011 Linfield vs CLU game Preview

Ron Callan Twitter feed: Linfield Head Coach Joe Smith will be guest on NWsports (KPAM860) tonight at 6pm  KPAM's LISTEN LIVE LINK The Curmudgeon is still keeping an eye on the 'Cats  Krich is looking to rebuild La Verne Football

La Verne's Campus Times: “Last year was last year,” says new Leo Head Coach, Chris Krich A paper thin player profile on a Menlo offensive lineman Bearcats drop opener in heart breaking fashion

Full Access Sports Vimeo Page: Willamette's Mark Speckman talks Stevens Point and preview Hardin-Simmons

Pacific Boxers YouTube Page: Keith Buckley's Simon Frasier Post Game Comments

Pacific Boxers YouTube Page: Pacific vs Simon Frasier game highlights UPS Adam Kniffin gets featured.  Did he play against Linfield last year?  I don't remember him. PLU's defensive line will get a big boost with a last name most football fans in the PNW will know.  Pacific Lutheran almost didn't have a 2011 season due to lack of players. (yeah, that made me turn my head too when I first saw it) An emotional story on Lewis and Clark's Shawn Evans and his father, Butch, who's dying from terminal cancer.

ADvantage Catdome UniWatch:  Looks like PLU is throwing out some new gear this seasonLa Verne with a new look. And Southern Oregon is another PNW school that is biting Linfield's all-white helmet/stormtroopers look.

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