Thursday, September 1, 2011

NWC Pick 'Em Contest: Week 1

Linfield has one more week to wait.
Yes, it's time once again for the annual Northwest Conference Pick 'Em Contest. For those of you that are new to our blog, over on the fine posters in most conferences hold yearly pick 'em contest to see who can pick the most game winners on the year. There are no winnings for coming out on top but just bragging rights. Last year, your very own Wildcat11 won the NWC contest by picking 58 our of 68 games (85%) correctly so I'll see if I can defend the title. If you want to take part here is the link to the pick 'em page BUT you need to be a registered member of the board in order to access and see the pick 'em pages. Here is the link NWC Pick 'Em Board.  Now let's get to the action.

NWC Games:

Simon Fraser over Pacific (at Pacific):  Last year was Simon Fraser's 1st season back in the NCAA, Division II, and the Great Northwest Conference.  We all know it was Pacific's 1st year back with any type of football in decades.  Both took their lumps in the 2010 season.  I think Pacific is going to play competitive football this year but not have a great number of wins to show for it.  I like the bigger and more experienced Clansmen to handle the Boxers in the season opener.

#23 UW-Stevens Point over Willamette (at Willamette):  I already know I'm going to regret picking the Pointers on the road to upend the Bearcats.  In fact, what the hell am I doing picking a team having to travel 1/2 way across the country and has to beat a very solid Bearcats after Willamette spanked UWSP last year in Wisconsin?  I just have a gut feeling on this one but that gut feeling is probably just the breakfast burrito I ate this morning.

Whitworth over Chapman (at Chapman):  Whitworth has never lost to Chapman and it's not going to start happening this year.  Curious to see if Tully-ball goes from the typical series of run, run, pass to a more spread the ball around approach the Rats had in the early to mid-2000's.  Should find out a little about that this Saturday.

West Region game:

#4 North Central over University of Redlands (at Redlands) Look, I've pounded Redlands for years for not stepping up to the plate and scheduling Linfield after the 'Cats have rolled the Dawgs time and time again.  Redlands is more than happy to fly to Texas to play some 3rd rate ASC team but not back to Oregon?  However, I have to give Redlands major respect for lining up a deal to play a very good North Central team out of the CCIW.  I think N.C. might struggle a little with the travel and getting used to playing in the tragic air quality in the LA area but in the end North Central will be too talented for a good Redlands team to overcome.

National Game:

#16 Hardin-Simmons over #10 Coe (at Hardin-Simmons)  Both of these teams are fantastic.  Coe has been on the verge of doing some big things out of the IIAC for the past few seasons and has a hell of a team coming back.  HSU does have a new coach and some players to replace but I have to give the Cowboys the edge just on the fact alone they are playing in the 3rd circle of hell better known as Abilene at 1pm. The weather is going to hit 98 degrees and I think that's going to play a role as the game moves into the latter stages.  I don't like picking against Coe here but Cowboy Stadium is a tough place to win.

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