Sunday, September 11, 2011

Linfield vs CLU Post Game Interviews

Heck yes.  WC11 will spill all of his thoughts about Saturday's hard fought 24-14 win over California Lutheran but let's hear from some of the players about the victory.  First, we'll hear from the defense in the form of Defensive End Michael MacClanathan and Monster Back Kalae Parish.  We'll follow that up with talking to fellow blogger and Linfield starting center, Hayden Mace, about the 'Cats offensive line and finish it off with some thoughts from 'Cats Quarterback Mickey Inns.  Send 'Em Up!


doc said...

Nice hobby WC11....
Not only your music (ahem) and filmography get better as time goes on, but your interview process as well.
Great look into 4 of the '11 'CATS.
A win sure helps things along, doesn't it?
Again, first wins of the season in the d3 era, I put this one right there with Hardin-Simmons 2009.

d1shima said...

Nice job with the cut-ins.

Anonymous said...

The cameras on the video feed really caught that stunt from Mac and Steele. Great move, hope the D keeps it up this year!