Friday, July 13, 2012

Linfield Gear Buy Program opens up next Friday

Jerseys, Decals, Helmets, Oh My!
Starting next Friday will be launching a Linfield Football authentic gear buy program.  I know, sound dang exciting.  During the 2011 season I engaged with a few conversations with the 'Cats top flight equipment manager, Mack Farag, about the program having a large surplus of helmet decals.  One thing led to the next and the conversation turned to the 'Cats old jersey sets that are sitting around in plastic tubs and a glut of decommissioned helmets taking up valuable space in the bowels of the 'Catdome equipment room. Why don't we offer the fine folks that love Linfield football the opportunity to own a piece of 'Catdome history and provide the program with a little pocket change along the way?

That leads us to next Friday (July 20th) where we'll open up a new page on  On that page you'll be able to pick up a game worn Linfield jersey, an authentic helmet decal, or a Linfield football helmet that has been de-commissoned.  All of the proceeds made will go to Linfield Football with the Linfield fan/alumni base having a chance to own a unique piece of the 'Catdome.  A Win/Win for everyone.

Jerseys:  $40 a piece (plus $6 for shipping)

Mrs. 11 pitched in and help me get a set of home purples and road whites organized by number, size, and condition.  These are being sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  We have around 130 total jerseys (purple/white) available to be sold.  There are a few duplicate numbered jerseys.  Need to give you a fair warning that if you're looking for a single digit number then you're going to be disappointed.  Most of the low digit numbered tops have *vanished* over the years.  In fact, between the two sets we only have 3 single digit jerseys total.  Besides that one bit of disappointing news we have a great number of good looking jerseys to be had.     

The home purple tops that will be sold are from the 2001-2003 seasons and are made by Adidas.  I love these jerseys by Adidas.  Linfield football has been a Nike school from 1998-2000 and 2004 onward but the players that wore these jerseys loved the cut and comfort of the Adidas brand.

The white road jerseys are from the 1998-2000 seasons and if you look at the font of the jersey above you'll noticed the "block" style font used instead of the traditional Linfield "college" font.  That was an error the supplier made upon delivery in 1998.  The 'Cats lived with for a few seasons but now the tops offer a rather cool twist to the traditional Linfield look.

Helmet Decals: $10 a piece (plus $3 for shipping)

The decals are on a limited basis but we'll do our best to fill the demand.  These are the REAL DEAL decals that would wind up on a Linfield Wildcat helmet.  These are very popular within the Linfield community and I have a feeling will get gobbled up quickly.  These decals are great to throw onto a car window, house window, door, truck tailgate, etc, etc.  The bookstore offers up very nice replica decals for purchase but a real Linfield Football helmet decal can't be topped.

Decommissioned Helmet: $50 a piece (plus $13 for shipping)

When you purchase one of these helmets it will come with a Linfield decal on each side, a "CATS" nose bumper sticker, face mask, all of the internal padding, and an NCAA sticker on the back of the helmet.  It's going to look freaking SWEET.  This would be ab incredible gift to your favorite Wildcat.   You could display it on your desk in the office, on the mantle of your fireplace, your trophy case, or wherever you want to let people know that you're a freakin' Linfield Wildcat.

I do feel bad about the shipping cost but it's expensive to find the right box and actual mailing cost make it expensive.     Also, the helmet is for DISPLAY purpose only.  Don't buy one for the intention of using it to play football.  These are decommissioned helmets and that means these are lids deemed no longer SAFE to play the game of football with.  I feel ridiculous even having to type that but I know some of you old school guys might have a flash back of a hapless UPS receiver crossing the middle and might want to drop the hammer.  Please don't be that guy.

Check back next Friday as we'll open up the floodgates.  Go 'Cats!


criswyly said...

Wouldn't you know it...just when I'm penniless everything goes up for sale.

Unknown said...

Is the team ever going to make their yearly Nike "team" products available to the public? I have some Linfield shorts but they're getting old and I desparately need new ones.

Sean Malafronte said...

Are these decals still for sale?contact by email