Monday, July 2, 2012

Linfield Wildcat Football will be on the Portland airwaves this fall.

Two weeks ago, Linfield Sports broke the news that YOUR Linfield Wildcats have entered into an agreement with Portland Based True Talk 800 KPDQ-AM to broadcast the 'Cats 2012 season.  This is an outstanding deal as not only the football program but LINFIELD will expand their footprint into the Portland Metro market with football serving as the vehicle to deliver the college's message.

I don't know if I fully understand how great of a win this could be for the entire Linfield community, Linfield's current and future partners, and business-owning alumni that are looking to further support the Wildcats.  The 'Cats will now have a radio presence in the 23rd largest media market in the country (2.1 million people) along with maintaining the relationship with long time radio partner KLYC in serving the estimated 100,000 Yamhill County residents.

Essentially, the 'Cats just expanded their potential listening base by 2,000,000 sets of ears. Yeah, all 2,000,000 people are not going to tuning into games on Saturday but you will have a huge number of new folks being introduced to Wildcat football and Linfield College every Saturday along with reconnecting alumni, fans, and family that may not have the chance to get down to Mac or listen on the Internet.

If you are someone who is interested in partnering up with the Wildcats this fall or in the future please check out Linfield College Sports Media page for information on rates and services.  Or you just reach out to the 'Cats 3rd year play-by-play man Bill Johnson at 503-568-4550 (email Bill at who is also representing the 'Cats media arm.  I promise you that if you meet with Bill about partnering with the 'Cats you're going to have a great experience.  Bill is a total pro and a person of high character. Go 'Cats!

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