Friday, July 27, 2012

Throwback Video of the Summer: 1982 Playoff Highlights

Just came across this video that was posted by YouTuber user "WintechVideoLLC" and it's flipping fantastic. The video is local Portland TV station news clips of the 'Cats 1982 NAIA playoff national championship run. It's an incredible look back 30 years ago at the program's 1st National Title run. The images of the college are fascinating to see in live color.  While it's remarkable to see many of the same structures on campus it's equally impressive how Linfield's grown over the years without losing the college's intimate and warm feel.

However, a personal favorite moment starts at the 3:55 mark as Portland's CBS news affiliate reports on the 'Cats 1st round victory over Cal Lutheran. The 'Catdome sod was a muddy mess as Linfield ended CLU's '82 season 20-16. Apparently the field conditions didn't sit too well with CLU then head coach Bob Shoup who complains led reporter Ed Whelan to liken Shoup's grumblings to that of a little boy forced into his first dance. Ouch. Good news for CLU is that Linfield installed field turf in 2004. The bad news is the 'Cats have ended CLU's season three consecutive years....minus the mud.


Anonymous said...

Mud, mayhem, and mastery.
Fun to see Randy Mueller and Jim Winston in their 'Cat days. How about a story on where they are now?

Anonymous said...

Awesome! An excellent look at the legends of old. Coach Rutschman looks like a youngster. And Ed Whelan, he was awesome. My roomates and I would stay up just to hear what he came up with during football season. He ought to be in the Oregon Football Hall of Fame alongside Coach Rutschman.