Friday, November 9, 2012

Around The 'Catdome'Osphere

Going to be a beautiful day in the valley tomorrow.  Get to the game!
It's been a few weeks but our link round-up is back and just in time for the end of the 2012 season.  We have some very nice player profiles from Linfield Sports, Wildcatspread40 gives you his takes on the Puget Sound game, is YOUR source for all things playoffs, some Willamette talk from the podcast guys (can't find their wrap on the Linfield game...oh well), Tully is about as Tully as ever, Linfield getting a Starbucks (let me know when a Chipotle hits campus), and we wrap up with a nauseating video.

Linfield Sports: Jepson runs the right route to Linfield

Linfield Sports: Linfield punter Josh Repp among nation's best

WildcatSpread40: What WCS40 learned about the 'Cats after the UPS game

WildcatSpread40: WCS40 Toss Loggers 47-7

Linfield Review: 'Cats bury Loggers (back page of pdf)

Linfield Sports (video): 'Cat Chat with Linfield Linebacker Tim Edmonds

The Puget Sound Trail: Loggers offense sputters as Linfield rolls  Current Projected Playoff Brackets's Daily Dose (blog): 2nd NCAA regional Rankings's Daily Dose: Your Handy Guide to Pool C (good read if you're a PLU fan) Linfield drops to #3 in current Strengh of Schedule numbers but only undefeated team in top 20. (Good news)

Wildcatville: Nice reprit on 1987 Oregonian article talking about Linfield's 32 year into the streak.

KREM: Rats get a chance to get to 7 wins (video)

Full Access Sports: Bearcat play-by-play guys skip podcast after Linfield game but have some talk on win over Pacific

Full Access Sports Youtube Page: Willamette HC talks about running into Linfield buzz-saw

Full Access Sports Youtube Page: Glen Fowles talks about getting by Pacific

The News Tribune: Lutes's offense delivered victory over Whitworth

Whitworth YouTube Page: Tully breaks down loss to PLU. Not happy.

The Willamette Collegian: (page 8 of pdf) Bearcats skate past Pacific Linfield getting Starbucks on campus.

Some guy's YouTube page:  PLU is a steamroller.  WATCH OUT!

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doc said...

Good week 12.
Just think, you will have time to start building that swing set in 5 weeks.