Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our D3football.com play of the week nominations.

Here is our nominations to D3football.com's play of the week as Linfield linebackers delivered two big plays to help the 'Cats bring home a hard fought 27-24 win over PLU.  The first was Brian Dundas huge sack on PLU's last drive.  The sack on 2nd down kept the clock running and the Lutes (with no timeouts left) had no choice but to kill the clock on 3rd down.  PLU didn't convert the 4th and long as Linfield would capture the win.  The second play was Tyler Robitaille's pick six early in the 4th quarter that provided the Linfield with enough cushion for the 'Cats win.

Below is a list of previous finalists from the 2012 season.

Week 9: Colin Forman punt block for touchdown

Week 7: Deidre Wiersma tightrope TD run after catch.

Week 5: John Shaffer's balancing act/cutback that put the dagger in PLU

Week 3: Josh Kay's game winning field goal vs CLU

Week 2: Mike Nardoni lighting up HSU's quarterback like a christmas tree

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