Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 Playoff Game Day Guide: Linfield vs PLU

The Playoffs are back in the 'Catdome and you can tell from the clip above the 'Cats are ready.  wanted to give you all the breakdown on some easy links to get you all you need on what's happening with the playoffs, brackets, how to purchase tickets, etc.

With regards to tickets.  The playoff game is falling at the beginning of Thanksgiving break for the students so there should be plenty of general admission tickets available.  The weather looks like a coin flip right now so you better hustle and contact Linfield (see link below) about getting a covered seat.

For those that haven't been back to the 'Catdome in sometime or those 'Lute fans that are reading the blog (I know you are) I have a link below that lays out where the best spot is to tailgate.  Linfield fans have a great reputation for being welcoming to tailgaters no matter your allegiance.  So don't worry about mixing in among the 'Cat faithful.  I also give you some of my favorite places around Mac and if you're getting in on Friday and are looking for things to kill some time.  Go 'Cats!

NCAA: Division III Selection Show

D3football.com's Daily Dose: Around the Nation Podcast (Playoff discussion)

D3football.com: 2012 Brackets

Linfield Sports: Ticket Purchase Breakdown

Gameday Weather Forecast: Cloudy, Rain Possible, Breezy (High of 52)

Linfield Tailgate Location

Pre-Game Time Killers:
McMinnville's Public Market (opens at 10am) -WC11/Mrs. 11 Highly Recommend
Evergreen Space/Aviation Museum and Waterpark
McMinnville's 3rd Street District

In town Friday night with nothing to do?
Spirit Mountain Casino (25 minutes outside of Mac)
Moonlight Theater - (food/wine/beer and a movie)
Rooftop Bar at Hotel Oregon
La Rambla Restaurant & Bar
The Old Oak (Bar)

Community Plate (Locally grown food)
Wild Wood Cafe
Jake's Deli

Coffee Suggestions:
Best Coffee Shop: Union Block
Best Drive Up - Leann's Lattes or Java Express

Post Game Dinner:
Golden Valley Brew Pub
Mazatlan (Mexican)
Nick's Italian Cafe
3rd Street Pizza
Antonio's (Lafayette)
Public Market's "Aftermarket" (live music, food, beer, wine)

Best Dive Bar:
The Deluxe (Best Burger in Town)

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Chris said...

Great info! I will continue to stand or sit in the rain to pull for my Cats! Might leave the baby and wife at home if it is a downpour. I also like that Linfield welcomes all. PLU, congratulations for making the post season. The NWC is alive and doing well. May you compete hard and stay classy! Go Cats!