Wednesday, June 26, 2013

2012 Game Highlights: Linfield at Puget Sound

Here's your 2012 game highlights vs the University of Puget Sound.  This was a strange one to file in a long list of strange ones up in that void of any college football excitement up at Puget Sound.   That isn't an indictment on the actual Logger players but more towards the game day environment, or total lack of one, in Tacoma. 

In the first half of this game the 'Cats did pretty much what they wanted on offense, that is until they reached the red zone.  At that point, the 'Cats offense stalled on multiple occasions which lead to a 13-0 lead at the break.  Needless to say the coaching staff had a heart-to-heart with the team about execution in the locker room and the response was four straight TD's to start the second half to see Linfield extend the lead to 41-0 and it was lights out.  The Linfield defense was stellar once again as Linfield held UPS to only 87 yards of offense through 3 quarters of play.

Puget Sound once again had a tough year in going 0-9 and finishing in the bottom of the NWC in most major statistical categories.   I do think that we'll see some improvement from the Loggers in 2014 as UPS should return some foundational pieces but the NWC is going to be a bear to navigate for anybody.  

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