Sunday, June 2, 2013

2012 Linfield vs Lewis & Clark Game Highlight

Our video of the week is back after a few weeks off between our poster project, spring ball video, and for WC11 to take a short break.  This weeks game highlight features the 'Cats short road trip up to the hill to face Northwest Conference member Lewis & Clark College.  The results of this game is what I expected it to be as the 'Cats dominated from the opening kickoff and did what they wanted to the Pioneers.  What was surprising to me is that the 63 point margin was the widest gap of victory in the series history.  No, really.  Linfield has put some hurtings on the Pios but none worse than last season.

In 2011 Lewis & Clark had a magical season.  The Pios started the season 7-0 and was enjoying a wave of media coverage and good fortune.  That was all well earned as L&C has been a conference doormat for a few decades and the turnaround was impressive.  However the reality of the start ended with two lopsided losses to Willamette and Linfield to end their season with a respectable 7-2 mark.  There was much hope that this type of momentum would carry into 2012 but the Pioneers lost so much senior talent and leadership from the 2011 team that I had a feeling the L&C would run into problems once NWC play started.  Lewis & Clark came into the 2012 Linfield game at 4-1 but played a soft front end schedule while the 2012 'Cats came into the game battled tested, talented, and deep.  It was a no contest.
The Pioneers would wind up ending the season suffering 5 consecutive losses and I'm not sure what to expect from L&C in 2013.  The Pios do have a few talented players but I'm expecting their trip to the 'Catdome in 2013 to be L&C's 35 consecutive loss to the 'Cats and I don't think it will be close.

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