Monday, June 3, 2013

Social Media Update

I'm very excited to announce some recent changes in how to follow Linfield College Football via Social Media.  As many of you know has been using Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, and others for a considerable amount of time.  Over this time, this blog has become the main landing point for our fans and others to keep up with the 'Catdome.  The main site (, in reality, is a video vault and comes in a distant second to the blog and even our other social media platforms (Twitter/Facebook).  I think that's great and as media vehicles evolve so will we in terms of how we deliver the 'Catdome.

However, there are even more recent changes that will bring you even closer to the program.  The Linfield coaching staff started an official Facebook page this spring and about two weeks ago created an official program Twitter account.  Both of these accounts are owned and ran by the 'Cats coaching staff and that's a great thing.  I have a full-time job (no, I really do) and can only get you so close to the daily happenings with the program.

With the creation of the program's Facebook and Twitter pages you'll be able to go even deeper into the 'Catdome and be provided insight, images, and video that I can't come near to providing to our fans.  If you want even MORE Linfield football it would be wise to like and follow these accounts now.

Linfield Football Social Media Links:

Linfield College Football Facebook Page
Linfield College Twitter 

As far as goes we've added one new addition...Instagram.  I've been fighting it for a few years now because I didn't want something else to burn hours up, but the platform is simple and quick to use and should be a blast for those that follow.

Also, if you subscribe to our YouTube page you'll get a notification the instant I upload a video to the account. Social Media Links: 

Catdomealumni Facebook Page
Catdomealumni Twitter
Catdomealumni Instagram
Catdomealumni YouTube Page


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