Thursday, May 27, 2010

2nd Wave of 2010 Incoming 'Cats has been released

Zack Hickman, Josh Yoder, and Monterill Anderson are just three names of a
talented incoming Catdome class.

Linfield Sports has released the second round of incoming 'Cats for the 2010 season. Not only is this class shaping up to be large in numbers but also large in talent. WC11 has to say that I'm usually on the end of "wait and see" in making predictions in how new players to the program will make an impact, especially at Linfield, but it's hard not to get excited about where our already tremendous program is heading.

ADvantage Catdome will start a weekly post that features our incoming 'Cats next week. We'll post up portions of the video that the staff has on hand of our newest family members. Each week, we'll feature a new position group and leading off will be the Linebackers. So check in next Tuesday or Wednesday for that segment to kick off.

For all of those new Wildcats and new parents reading this post welcome to the 'Catdome! Wildcat11's best advice is to enjoy each moment of this journey, prepare to work hard not only physically but mentally, and welcome the challenge of competition! Prepare for the best four years of your life! Go 'Cats!


Justin said...

Herrick will be a beast great kid great player

Wildcat 11 said...

Looking forward to seeing him in person!

Anonymous said...

is it good to have this many people? i mean financially wouldn't it be better to keep the numbers down?

Wildcat 11 said...


It's not uncommon to have large recruiting classes in Division III as you see this at some of the top tier DIII programs around the country (Mount Union, St. John's, UMHB, Hardin-Simmons, etc).

I welcome it because it brings out the best in the returning players and recruits that relish the competition.

If you're good enough and put in the work things have a way of working out with respect of seeing the field and being a contributor. I think many former 'Cats would agree with that thought.

Anonymous said...

absolutely more depth benefits the team. But what about traveling and logistics like that? I would assume that away games where you fly they can only take so many people, but what about road games you bus to do they take the whole program?

Wildcat 11 said...

Overnight travel (by bus or plane) the roster is limited to 52 (not sure if that is an NWC bylaw or NCAA bylaw) and day road games (to PLU, UPS, L&C, Pacific, Willamette) the team will take everyone.

The college owns three buses and has additional vans so transportation is not an issue.