Monday, May 3, 2010

'Cats Baseball Sweeps PLU to clinch NWC title and Playoff Berth!

YEAH! While Wildcat11 fully admits to not being the most knowledgeable fan of Divsion III baseball, I've had the pleasure of shooting video of the 2010 Linfield baseball team this season. What an incredible last month of baseball the 'Cats played. Linfield split a non-conference 4 game series with #2 Champman down in LA, next went on to sweep George Fox in Newberg last weekend (first time Fox has been swept at home in GFU program history), and then with an NCAA playoff birth and the NWC championship on the line, this team went out and took all three games from #16 Pacific Lutheran.

About a month ago I was a little worried that Linfield might be hosting their 2nd consecutive regional without actually getting to play in it. The 'Cats dropped some conference games that they know they shouldn't have. But instead of pressing and gripping too tight our 'Cats broke out the camo and rifles and went on the hunt instead of being hunted.

Above is a video of Linfield's 8-5 NWC clinching victory over Pacific Lutheran. (BTW, baseball is pretty hard to shoot with one camera). Congrats on the Linfield players and the staff on the incredible job they did this season. will be there at the regionals and reporting back to you.


doc said...

We can always bend this over from the football board by just mentioning Bixenman and the job he did moving the ball last season when AB was shook up for a few plays.
He did his job well in baseball too.

Wildcat 11 said...

Yeah, Bix is a huge cog on the baseball team for the past two seasons. He's a heck of a player and saved our bacon last year when AB and Franklin went down.

Bibs said...

Only wish you had time to edit out my kid's crying and whining. Good seeing you yesterday.