Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cutting Room Floor: 2002 Linfield vs Wartburg, NCAA Playoffs

We're taking another step back in time for this week's cutting room floor clip and for a good reason. Last week a package arrived at the Wildcat11 household and upon opening the box it was Christmas in April. Mike Rhodes, who shot incredible footage of Linfield football from 2001-2004, sent Wildcat11 raw tapes Mike shot from 2001-2003 for WC11 to copy. This was like having Fort Knox pealing off a pallet of gold bricks and dropping them off at my door.

So as a tip of the cap to Mike and to give you a small preview of what will be able to mine out of these tapes, we're bringing you a stripped down highlight from Linfield's very first NCAA Division III playoff victory over the Wartburg Knights in 2002. In a beautiful late November day, the 'Cats jumped all over the IIAC's champion on the way to a 52-15 playoff victory.

Wildcat11 shed a little tear when he opened this box


Anonymous said...

Thats good stuff Ryan !

Wildcat 11 said...

Thanks!! I loved that team and still hold them up with high regard. Just looking forward to what other behind the scene footage we'll be able to find in those tapes!

Anonymous said...

I love the close up of Sandy's own jeff york in the highlight

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks WC11, great to be able to relive these memories. Thanks again!