Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The only time you can ever use the terms "Powder" and "Puff" when talking football at Linfield.

(The 'Cats coached up their ladies into an overtime thriller.)

Our Catdomealumni.com news team was on the scene (one of the players emailed me) for a Linfield spring football game this past Friday night at the Catdome. No, it wasn’t the ‘Cats you know in action but it was Linfield’s Alpha Phi sorority chapter hitting the turf for a game to raise money for the Alpha Phi foundation. However, our ‘Cats did have a hand in the action as the coaching staff of the two powder puff teams.

The teams were split by year in school as the A-Phi Seniors and Frosh (Sojo) teamed up to take on the sophomore and juniors (Semen). Yes, that was the team name they picked out……

In the end it was Sojo coming out on top in a 12-6 barn burner in overtime. Sojo drew first blood on a pick six early in the second half but that was soon countered on a 50 yard dash by a Semen running back. With the game tied at the end of regulation, semen choked away (Hi-Yo) the game after dropping a 4th down TD in the corner of the end zone and Sojo went on for the win with a Boehme-like QB scramble to seal the deal.

I’m sure the boys were proud of their ladies and their teams in a fun filled event for a good cause. Go ‘Cats!


Bubs said...

Don't worry folks...WC11 will be here all week with shoews at 7 and 9.

Wildcat 11 said...

Thank you and don't forget to tip your servers!