Monday, April 23, 2007

Just like old times

It’s a stomping in Boise

Linfield’s Boise Burn (2-1) just cracked open a case on the Everett Hawks (0-3) this past Saturday night at the Qwest Arena by a score of 70-34. In making their home debut in front of a sell out crowd (5,499) it was pretty much a wash, beatdown, stomping, Lewis & Clark'ing.

Casey Allen had his second 3 TD catch game in a row for Boise. This has to feel like old times for Casey where a 3 touchdown game was just another day in the office. I’d let you know how Haze did but the’s stats page is not up to date. We’ll assume that Haze had a good day playing center field.

Butcher effective in limited time.

The Rhein Fire (1-1) scratched their first win of the season on the road in Amsterday this past Friday night (16-10).

As I’ve stated a few times I’m not a fan of the “he get’s one quarter, you get the next” rotation that the Rhein Fire is implementing so far this season. Fire drives at the end on the 1st quarter and 3rd rolled over into the 2nd and 4th and thus limiting the time BE spend out on the turf. However, Brett played very effeicently and had a pin point would be TD strike dropped by the Fire’s best WR, PK Sam.

Brett displayed good accuracy and made solid decisions behind center and led a game clinching 4th quarter drive that allowed the Fire to extend their lead to 6 and leave Amsterdam with little time to work with.

Video highlights of week 2 will be posted on on Wednesday.

Tri-Cities break through

Minus former Wildcat speedster, George Carter (’04) the Fever notched their first win of the AF2 season (1-2) with a 49-44 win over the Central Valley Coyotes this past Saturday. I believe that Carter has one more week left on IR before he can be activated again.

Wild loses and amazingly the coach isn’t fired.

Even though the Wild dropped to 0-2 in a 27-12 loss to the CenTex Barracudas, Wild head coach Hans Deemer is still…the head coach. Congrats Hans on making it this far!
No stats are available so we don’t really know how former Wildcat Thomas Ford (’04) performed at WR. I’m sure this can’t be the greatest experience for T.Ford as his team-first personality has to be a force in keeping these guys spirits up in the face of all this drama.

It’s not a good deal when more headlines are off the field than on.

Big congratulations to the Linfield Men’s Track team as they won their first NWC title since 1996. Coach Garry Kilgore is one of my favorite Linfield people and he’s worked his ass off to get this team ready to take down 6 time defending champ Willamette. Congrats to Garry and his kids.

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