Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Rough week/weekend for former ‘Cat stars:

0-4 was the combined record for the teams that feature former Linfield Wildcat stars Thomas Ford (Alaska Wild), Brandon Hazenberg & Casey Allen (Boise Burn), George Carter (Tri-Cities Fever) and Brett Elliott (Rhein Fire). However, the losses didn’t come without great performances from these former Catdome stalwarts.

Elliott has solid opener:

NFL Europe had their opening weekend and Brett Elliott saw his first action at the start of the second quarter in their loss (0-1) vs the Berlin Thunder 15-3. The Butcher is splitting time at quarterback with Cody Pickett and it’s safe to say that BE had the better performance of the two and has the greater upside. Elliott threw some great passes but had a few plays I feel he would want back (the QB sneak and the errant screen pass). However Brett can play at this level and I hope the staff will allow him more time behind center to showcase his abilities.

The Fire play next Friday evening vs the Amsterdam Admirals and the NFL Network will have the game on Tape Delay for Saturday morning with a 6 am (PST) broadcast.

Check in with Catdomealumni.com on Wednesday as we’ll post up action of BE’s opening game. But until then the video below will have to do. The fire is hot!!!! (Brett needs better writers...)

Quad City flexes on Boise:

We knew that the Steamwheelers had some solid offense but it had to hurt to see Quad City put up 65 points on our adopted Burn (1-1). The 65-38 loss wasn’t helped by the Burn turning it over 5 times. You can’t do that at any level of football and expect to win. Casey Allen had a GREAT game with game tops in catches and yards (9 catches -120 yds). Mr Allen also broke into the end zone three times on Friday night. Haze tallied up 2.5 tackles and had a kick return for 21 yards.

The Burn get to play in front of the home crowd this weekend as open up with Everett Hawks. We’ll check in with Haze on Wednesday.

Wild opens in front of big crowd but gets tamed by ‘Frisco:

The Intense Football League’s Alaska Wild fell to the Thunder from the Bay. Former Wildcat Thomas Ford only had a few chances to get his hand on the rock in the 46-33 loss (0-1). The Wild now gets to rack up the frequent flier miles as they’re on the road for the next five weeks in the Southern part of the country. That kind of travel is either going to be a great time or feel like they’re entering the 5th circle of hell by end of this roadie.

Tri-Cities loses another close one:

Inactive George Carter could only watch as his Fever lose their home opener on Saturday 48-45 to drop the Fever to a low of 0-2. The Fever’s offense will be much better off once the allusive Carter makes it back to the lineup in a few weeks.

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Anonymous said...

on the highlights of brett's game, does anyone notice the resemblence of his scramble to his left...looks alot like a scramble early in the Whitewater game to me. Can somebody teach this kid how to slide? :)
sorry brett, had to take the cheap shot

Wildcat11 said...

Speaking of his scramble….Brett may run a 5.17 40 yard dash but it's a deceptively fast 5.17!