Thursday, April 26, 2007

Work is pwning me right now.

Work (my real job) is really buzzing right now so I won't have time to post during my lunch. I'll try to get the Arena/NFLE preview and Spring Football updates up later tonight when I get home. Mrs. 11 is on an adventure this weekend so I'll be kicking it solo at the house with our two dogs.

So on my "fending for myself" menu tonight is either pizza, mac n cheese, tatter tots, or beer....I'm a mess when Mrs. 11 is gone for a few days.
(update 4/27)...still getting my hat handed to me right home late...dogs were pissed...ate a bagle and went to bed. Today doesn't look better...I'll post up tonight with my co-writer, Corona.
(update number two 4/27)...still here....I can see the a-l-m-o-s-t d-o-n-e

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