Friday, April 20, 2007


Burnout in Boise

After being on the road for the first two weeks of the season the Boise Burn (1-1) finally get to play in front of the home crowd as our adopted Burn will tussle with the Everett Hawks. “We’re ready to put on a show at home” echoed former Wildcat great and starting Burn safety, Brandon Hazenberg. The Burn is expecting to be playing in front of a standing room only crowd at Qwest Arena in Boise.

In speaking with Brandon he was very respectful of the offensive skill of the Hawks and was looking forward to seeing how his offensive counterparts would handle the pressing Hawk defense. The Hawks like to play man and will try to rough you up right at the LOS. If that’s the case then this game could be tailored made for Casey Allen to go off with some big numbers.

Kickoff is at 6 pm (PST) and don’t forget that you can win a PSP at halftime.

Wild living up to their name.

Holy smokes…I don’t check in on Thomas Ford’s Alaska Wild since their franchise opener last Thursday and I’ve really missed out. The Wild are on head coach number 4 and they've only played 1 game. I’m NOT JOKING! The Wild’s head man, Keith Evans, was shown the door hours after his team lost their season debut in front of a huge home crowd on Thursday, April 12th. Evans was coach number 2 as the Wild's first coach didn't even make it up to Alaska over not being able to iron out the details of his contract.

Wild’s owner David “Trump Jr.” Weatherholt canned Evans (#2) due to not being “organized” enough and inserted VP of operations Randy Magner into the job that following Sunday. I guess Magner (#3) didn’t like the promotion very much because he stepped down within 24 hours.

So the Wild’s management as turned the team over to volunteer defensive assistant, Hans Deemer. This is Deemer’s (#4) first head coaching gig….ever, and I expect for him to get canned and tossed off the team flight before they touchdown in Texas for their next game. At this rate, I should be the head coach of the Wild (#243) by May 24th and will get canned on May 27th.

At this point does it even matter who they’re playing? Good luck T.Ford!

The Butcher not looking for the Red Light

Brett Elliott and his Rhein Fire (0-1) probably have already wrapped up their Friday night tilt at the Amsterdam Admirals (0-1) by the time you read this. We’ll have the DVR set up for the 6 am (PST) Saturday rebroadcast of the game on the NFL Network. Word is that the Admirals brass likes to leave a plate of brownies in the visitor’s locker room before each game. My advice to BE is to save ‘em for the train ride home.

Carter still on shelf…I think.

The Fever (0-2) has updated their web site’s look but is still as informative as the News-Register’s Sunday edition. All I know is that the Fever is on the road and look to get off the goose egg vs the Central Valley ‘Yotes (Fresno).

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