Friday, October 3, 2008

*ALERT* T-Shirts WILL NOT be on sale tomorrow T-Shirts will not be on sale tomorrow at the 'Catdome. (so sad). There is good news/bad news with this whole shirt project so let me break it down.

-Sorry big fellas we clean out of XL and XXL shirts.
-The only remaining sizes left are Small, Med., and Large.
-All the expenses for the shirts have been paid so every shirts that gets sold now is for the Helmets for Hunger program.

We'll be back for Whitworth so if you fall in the S-Large range or if you know someone who is please come by during homecoming and pick up a shirt. I'd like to get to at least $300-$400 range for the Helmets for Hunger program and we have a little work to make that happen.

Go 'Cats!

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