Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 5: NWC Pick 'Em

An Annual tradition for members of the is the conference “Pick ‘Em” contest. Here is a link to the NWC Pick ‘Em board, however, you must be a registered member in order to see or post on these boards. It only takes a minute to register and doesn’t cost a dime. NWC Pick ‘Em

We’re in week 5 and I’m dropping faster that the Dow Jones. I’m currently sitting 8 out of 17 and I’ve been getting killed by the Bonus Games. It’s brutal that someone who likes to fancy themselves as knowing a lot about the conference is getting hammered in the pick ‘em contest. Yikes. Oh Well…here are this weeks picks:

Willamette over Whitworth. Easily the NWC game of the week. These two went into an overtime game last season down in Salem with the Rats squeezing out the win but things have changed so far in 2008. So far the Whitworth defense has been getting shredded and the Rats have had to put the full offensive load on running back Adam Anderson. Willamette on the other hand is playing very well this year and has started the season 4-0. This team has been getting contributions in all three phases of the game and I think they’re going to squarely beat Whitworth up in Spokane this weekend.

Pacific Lutheran Over Lewis & Clark. This is an easy pick. The Lutes get to travel to beautiful Palatine Hill to play on the “Old Style” ACL killing turf of the Pios. Thankfully the turf will be wet due to rain so the chances of that garbage surface shredding Lute knees decrease by a large margin.

UPS over the Bye Week. After getting pounded into a fine dust the Loggers are still on an IV of Wild Turkey and deserve a weekend rest.

Bonus Game of The week: St. Thomas beats Gustavus Adolphus (MIAC). So far I’ve picked ever single bonus game wrong and it’s killed me in the standings. In order to get off the goose egg I’m going to incorporate the “Constanza” theory: Whatever is my first instinct just go with the opposite. My first instinct is Gustavus so that means I’m going to pick St. Thomas.


Anonymous said...

Your even letting the newbee beat you. What do you think of the home theory?


Wildcat 11 said...'s pretty sad that I've been around the conference for 14 years. My doubt about Willamette and the Bonus games have been a killer for me. way will L&C beat PLU. Not a chance. :)