Monday, October 20, 2008

'Cats win...blaze trail through Lewis and Clark

Cats spank pios
Linfield did what they needed to do on Saturday and that was dismantle Lewis & Clark. It was great that so many ‘Cats were able to get out on the field and flex their muscle to the Linfield crowd up on the hill. Again, L&C has a loooong way to go to become a true competitive program in the NWC once again but they can be if they get the support. Anyways…I have other things on my mind so let’s make this short and sweet.

The Good:

-Scott Birkhofer. Two booming 50+ yard field goals and again breaking his own record with a 56-yard shot in the 3rd quarter. I was directly below the goal post shooting the action (damn back judge stepped in my frame when the ball was snapped) and that kick could have easily have cleared from 60+. Scott’s range at times seems limitless.

-Lots of ‘Cats getting action. Tight games are so much fun but at the same time it’s also rewarding to see so many of the guys getting their chance to shine on the field. There are so many guys that work VERY hard but that doesn’t always translate to heavy playing time so there is some great joy in seeing so many ‘Cats getting to crack pads. Good job boys.

The Bad:

-Giving up a Touchdown. Yeah, call me a jerk but truthfully I was a little ticked we gave up a running touchdown up the middle in the 4th quarter. I wanted the shutout and, yes, I’m greedy when it comes to defense.

-Losing my 2004 Hooded Sweatshirt. At halftime it was warming up so I took off my sweatshirt and left it in the locker room. Of course, I forgot it after the game and have no idea if it’s long gone or not. That was a great sweatshirt so excuse me if I morn my trusty friend a little.

The Ugly:

Nothing this week. Nothing you can really whine about in a 55-7 win. L&C uniforms at least look much better than some of the nastiness they’ve rolled out in the past. I’ve already stated how much I hate the surface at L&C but Griswold Stadium is one of the best backdrops for football in the NW. It’s just too bad the product is so poor.

Bonus Thought: Just want to give a shout out to the first two seasons of the Showtime series “Dexter”. Mrs. 11 and I blasted through season 1 & 2 on DVD the past two weekends and that is a fantastic series. Granted, the main charter is a vigilante serial killer but the writing is great and the storylines are tight. It’s NOT a PG series but if you plan just holding up inside for a weekend I’d highly recommend picking up Dexter on DVD.

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