Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Game 5: 'Cats vs Pios

The Wildcats have the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite settings for football in the Pacific Northwest, Palatine Hill. Don’t get it twisted the playing surface at L&C is an exploding knee waiting to happen but the backdrop for football is excellent. Unfortunately that backdrop is the only excellence you can find surrounding Lewis & Clark football. We all know the back story at this point about how the Pioneers almost killed the program after 2005 and are on a slow climb in the rebuilding process. There are signs of improvement in the fact the College has added more fulltime staff and the program has brought in some decent young talent. However, the Pios are not nearly ready for primetime yet. This is a layup for the ‘Cats this week so let’s get into my gimmick.

Know Your Foe (90% from Wikipedia)

OK so we all know the College was named after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark who led the famous expedition to the Pacific Coast and back. So I may send some L&C fan boys into a fit with my down and dirty but here is the jist of it: after the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, President Jefferson wanted to get a leg up on those French rascals who were planning on sending parties out west to get a better landscape of the territory. So President Jefferson tapped Lewis to lead the expedition, and in turn, Lewis selected Clark to be his partner. (I guess that’s why Lewis gets top billing).

So the party of 33 people departed Pittsburgh on Aug 31, 1803 and started to head west. Along the way the Party got into all sorts of hi-jinks and shenanigans, met a local named Sacagawea, had a trusty dog named Seaman, and finally in the fall of 1805 the party reached the Pacific Northwest, held up for the winter and started making the journey back east in March of 1806. (Of course I’m leaving out volumes and volumes of details and accurate statements)

Lewis and Clark College was founded as the Albany Collegiate Institute in 1867 in the town of Albany, 65 miles south of Portland by Willamette Valley Presbyterian pioneers, and relocated to Portland in 1938.

In 1942 the College trustees acquired the Lloyd Frank (of the historic Portland department store Meier & Frank) “Fir Acres” estate in Southwest Portland, and adopted the name Lewis & Clark College as a “symbol of the pioneering spirit that had made and maintained the College.”

Former College President Michael Mooney resigned in 2003 after reports surfaced in the media of a $10.5 million loss from an investment made outside full knowledge of the board of trustees.

Some of L&C’s more notable alumni include Actress Markie Post, Percy Kelly (Chief Justice of the Oregon Supreme Court), Myah Moore (Miss Oregon 2003), and Monica Lewinsky (I had a really bad joke that I decided not to write down)

Wildcat11’s Keys To Victory:

-Starters execute early and get off the field early. The ‘Cats have had four hotly contested games to start the season so I would love to see our starters get an early lead by the half so we can get deep in our roster during the 2nd half so the young kids get a chance to compete.

-Do the fundamentals right. Have the ‘Cats keep working on the fundamentals that will carry us the rest of the season.

-Have Fun. It should be a nice day on the Hill and the ‘Cats should have plenty of fans there to root on their ‘Cats. Go out there and have a ball.


‘Cats by a triple monkey stomp. If you don’t know what a Monkey Stomp is, the term is well known in the d3boards.com community as a victory of 21 points or more. You do the math to figure out what a triple stomp is. Let’s get up to the Hill, roll this team, stay injury free, have fun, and get ready for the NWC Game Of The Year. Go ‘Cats!

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