Friday, April 26, 2013

1st wave of recruits is in the books

Love this time of the year. Spring ball is winding down ('Cats just wrapped up their last practice this morning) and the commitments are pouring in up and down the West Coast. Linfield just announced the 1st wave of 2013 recruits and it's a fantastic group of 24 student-athletes. The first group of recruits all come from Oregon, Washington, and California.  My first impressions is they offer up a great combination of size, speed, and proven play making. I'm not going to get into a huge breakdown yet. I'll wait for the 2nd and final press release before we go into my thoughts on the final product and get feedback from the staff. Along with that we'll be posting up another huge highlight video of all incoming players.
I'm expecting the 2nd release to push the total number of 'Cats well in to the 40's and have all four of Linfield's primary recruiting areas (Or, Wash, Cali, Hawaii) well represented. The coaching staff has done a tremendous job in identifying high level talent that fits well with the Linfield culture. Now it's just a matter of finalizing the remaining members of this tremendous group of future Wildcats.

Sidenote: I'm sorry for not getting you more spring football updates. My real job has been nuts and I've been working like crazy on the Spring Football Highlight Video (doing something different) and the All-Recruit video (that's a monster). I'll try to get some info on the spring football season posted soon enough.

Linfield Sports press release on 1st group of 2013 recruits:

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Chris said...

Great group of young men to come and learn the Linfield Way. 3.51 me a D1 team that can say that.

Always proud of Linfield College!