Friday, April 12, 2013

The 'Cats reach the halfway mark of Spring Football

It was a picture perfect morning in the 'Catdome as Linfield wrapped up their 2nd week of their Spring Football season. This is where the rubber meets the road in terms of the "grind" setting in for the players between classes, school work, training, practice, and meetings. At this point, you have to dig a little deeper to make sure you're not forming bad habits by skipping on some of the details of your assignments or technique. Just because these are non-padded practices doesn't mean they're not hard. Due to rules, intentional contact between players is non-existant during practice and that means a ton of individual work and that translates into moving all the time.

Our Head Coach, Joesph Smith, talked to me for about 10 minutes on the phone the other day in the audio interview below. We talked to Coach about a number of topics including another challenging start to the 2013 season, I asked him about future facility upgrades, we talked about what's the biggest area of improvement for the program right now, a dash of uniform talk, and I asked Coach Smith how he's changed as a coach since 1st taking over the program in 2006. It's a must listen for any 'Cat fan.