Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Video: 2012 Linfield at Cal Lutheran Highlights

Our Video of the week is up and it's the 'Cats 1st road game of the 2012 season when Linfield traveled down to Thousand Oaks to face the CLU Kingsmen. Linfield and Cal Lutheran are more than familiar with each other as the programs have squared off six times over the past four seasons. Linfield has accumulated a 5-1 record over that time but it hasn't been easy, far from it.

CLU is a talented and tough program that has won the SCIAC title over the past four seasons and I don't see them slowing down in ruling the SoCal conference. The 2012 win was the first loss CLU suffered in their new stadium (still don't know what's with that light poll in the middle of the press box area?) and the degree of difficulty in capturing that win was high. Linfield battled and kept believing in their training and each other, and when it mattered the most, the 'Cats made the plays they had to against a most worthy adversary.

The upcoming 2013 contest at the 'Catdome will be another barn burner. CLU is returning a number of their playmakers, depth, and I'm expecting to see new faces on CLU sideline that should help their cause once again. This is the end of another two-year agreement between the two schools. I haven't spoke with the staff if either program is wanting to continue the regular season series but I do know both teams are not afraid of the competition so it wouldn't shock me if both Linfield and CLU didn't hesitate to sing up for more. 

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