Thursday, April 4, 2013

Take a walk around the 'Catdome

I'd like to shake the hand of the driver of this Google Street Car

Props to mcnarnia on Twitter on this find.  This is freaking FANTASTIC.  Chances are you've probably seen a Google Street Car driving around at one point.  It's a car that has a gang of cameras mounted on the roof.  They drive around cities and towns taking countless photos that will be uploaded onto Google's Street View feature of their Maps platform.  For the longest time you could only see part of Linfield's campus via street view but not anymore.

It looks like this past summer a Google Street Car driver drove through Linfield and decided to take a cruise around the 'Catdome where they drove around and on the Maxwell Field turf.  This is all kinds of awesomeness as you can take a virtual walk around the 'Catdome anytime you want in stunning resolution. This just made my week.

View Larger Map

Google Maps Street View of the 'Catdome link

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