Monday, October 14, 2013

2013 Linfield Hall of Fame Inductee: David Russell (Running Back 2000-02)

#25 is truly a Linfield Legend
Tough. Durable. Explosive. Humble. Legendary.

For those that follow Linfield football those words would easily describe the play of 2013 Linfield College Hall of Fame inductee, David Russell.  "D-Russ" was an animal for the Linfield football program whose career was highlighted during his 2002 senior season when David was named the Northwest Conference Offensive Player of the Year and a 1st team All-American by  Look up in Linfield's historical record book and you'll see David's name all over game, single season, and career records.  I'll save you the time.  Here are the highlights.

-34 Career Rushing TD's
-22 Single Season TD's (2002)
-1,541 Single Season Rushing yards (2002)
-56 carries in a single game (Whitworth 2002)
-5 Rushing TD's in a Single Game (Wartburg, 2002)
-4 Consecutive 100-Yard Rushing Games (2002)
-250 Rushing Attempts in  single season (2002)
- 140.1 yards per game in a season (2002)

David was a tough as a runner and competitor that you could ever find.  The ultimate team player that never searched out the spotlight and always looking to give others credit.  David wrote a few words about being named to Linfield's hall of fame that I have the honor of sharing:

Having the honor of being inducted into the Linfield Athletic Hall of Fame is an amazing feeling, especially when I look at the names of the many great athletes who have been inducted thus far and think about the phenomenal athletes who are yet to be inducted. 

As a running back I would attribute the success I received to the efforts of the guys I had the great privilege and pleasure to play alongside. I see this prestigious honor as being one that will be celebrated by the offensive line; the guys who make things happen in the trenches. A friend (OL) from that team told me once that the O-Line was happy when an RB received accolades because it meant they (the O-line) were getting the job done. The cadre up front certainly got the job done day in and day out. They created seams that would have made any RB look good and for that I wish to give credit where credit is due, to the offensive line. When you add a dynamic aerial attack, superior defense, and outstanding special teams unit-all being coached by exceptional leaders-something special happens. I was truly blessed to have been a part of such a fantastic team, a team that had good football players, but more importantly, better people. 

 So when asked how it feels to be inducted, I can only say that it’s truly an honor and privilege to represent something so much bigger than one player could ever stand for.

-David Russell

Do yourself  a favor and watch David's Linfield Legend clip that I cut many moons ago.  I should remake this video because I know I missed out on a number of examples of David's greatness (and I want to take back that hokey graphic I used at the end).  But seriously, do give that video a spin.  You won't be disapointed.

Congratulations again to the latest Linfield Football player named to Linfield's Hall of Fame!

Video: David Russell Linfield Legend

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Chris said...

I consider David THE player from my time at Linfield, although Brett Elliot came along too. I remember watching my first game in 2002 and came away with the utmost respect for Mr. Russel. He was TOUGH! Congratulations! Well Deserved!