Friday, October 4, 2013

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Get to one of the best venues in Small College football tomorrow.
I figured this was the best time to roll out our first round up of the season.  I haven't done one as of yet because it's a pain in the backside to track down all of the links but I found the motivation this week to make it happen.  Lots of ground to cover this week as we're about 20 links deep.  Only one NWC student paper has dropped the ball so far this school year (Pacific) but the rest of the school papers have current news to offer up.  Not going to address to lame "wreck homecoming" article from PLU's student paper.  What I will say is that football programs this day and age have little to no input on who they play for homecoming (ask Case Western about that).  Would I rather see L&C or UPS for homecoming? Of course I would but it's a college wide decision so it is what it is.

Cleveland Plains Dealer: CWRU faces No. 2 Linfield, falls hard in 45-0 homecoming defeat

Linfield Review: 'Cats crush Spartans

News-Register (paywall): 'Cats stop Case Western in its tracks

Wildcatville: Slideshows of Linfield at CWRU

Linfield Sports: Yoder applying farm work ethic to new role as starting quarterback

The Observer (CWRU student Paper): More crying about injuries in loss to Linfield's Daily Dose "Triple Take": Linfield vs PLU is national game of the week's Daily Dose "Around The Nation Podcast": A week for the rest of us's YouTube Page: Pat Coleman talks to Pat Westering

The Mast (PLU student paper): Undefeated Lutes scrape by Wisconsin-Eau Claire

The Mast: Lutes look to wreck Linfield homecoming

The News Tribune: Lutes eke out win, face Linfield next

The Whitworthian (Rat student paper): Spotlight on DE Aaron Cochran (page 15) "If we come out with our hair on fire, I think we can beat (PLU and Linfield)".  You should worry about Pacific first, buddy.

WhitworthPirates YouTube Page: Tully does his best to gloss over butt whooping from Chapman and talks Pacific

The Panther (Chapman student paper): Chapman pounds Whitworth ETBU plays the "we're young, they're old" card in 45-25 loss to Willamette. Lame, go play J.V. if that's the problem.

Willamette Bearcats Vimeo page: Player Interviews

Willamette Bearcats Vimeo page: Willamette head coach interview.

The Puget Sound Trail:  The Loggers break 20-game winless streak vs Whittier.

The Puget Sound Trail: Saddest article of the round up...writer begs students to go to UPS football games.

Bonus tweet to from theNothwest Elite Index's Ryland Spencer (NEI's job is college recruiting in the pacific northwest)

If you want to compete, Linfield is the place to do it.

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