Friday, October 25, 2013

Around The 'Catdome'Osphere

Have a quick link round up for you this week as we look forward to a great weekend in college football.  My condolences to the Koch family as Ezra Koch passed away this past week.  The Linfield Hall of Fame member and All-Around McMinnville Great will have a lasting impact in this community.

The Linfield Review had a bad typo in their headline this past week and I feel bad for pointing that out because if you've been reading my blog for any period of time, you know I have zero high ground to stand on when it comes to grammar.  But "steak" instead of "streak" is rather humorous.

Look for players interviews on Sunday as well and remember to use that Catdome hashtag to keep up with Linfield on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Linfield Hall of Fame Member and McMinnville Civic Icon Ezra Koch has passed away at the age of 93.

Linfield Review: Wildcats secure 58 years of winning Linfied [sic] sends Whitworth to fifth straight defeat (video): Rats fall to 'Cats (video): Linfield steamrolls Whitworth 'Cats jump out to big lead in 51-17 win at Whitworth

Whitworth YouTube Page: Tully happy with effort in 34 point loss to Linfield

Wildcatville Blog: Salute to Paul Durham, legendary Linfield College football coach

Wildcatville Blog: Linfield at Whitworth Slideshow's Daily Dose "Triple Take": Keith has PLU vs Willamette as your national game of the week.  Pac vs U of Chi also gets a mention.

The Willamette Collegian (page 9 of pdf): Bearcats sitting undefeated as they enter big NWC stretch

The Mast (PLU student paper): Only 3 junky little paragraphs about a NWC home win. Talk about no respect. It only took PLU three tries but they were finally able to kick a field goal vs Pacific

The Pioneer Log: Pios fall to Willamette but best part is Pio player saying if they played to their potential the Pios would win the NWC.

Willamette Bearcat Vimeo Page: Willamette Head Coach Interview

Full Access Sports: Bearcat radio honks yammer about Willamette vs PLU Loggers pick wrong time to be the Loggers


Here is my yearly chance to make fun of UW-Whitewater's scoreboard intro video and it looks like they're putting in an actual honest effort to not totally blow it.  This is their best effort yet from a group of some bad stink bombs.

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