Friday, October 18, 2013

Around The 'CatdomeO'sphere


Don't have a lot of time to chat with you today.  Our news/video link round-up is going back two weeks to cover all of the Linfield/PLU ground and other articles that are floating around the net.  Great action this weekend and again perfect October weather.  Get out to a game in your area or better yet get in the car and make some memories on a road trip.  Enjoy and we'll talk to you soon.  -11 Top Ten round up features Linfield's win over PLU

Linfield Sports: Feature on Safety Kyle Wright "Doing Things The Wright Way"

The Linfield Review: There's more to a player than the sport (Feature on WR Colin Nelson)

Linfield Sports: PLU Game Highlights

The Linfield Review: 'Cats celebrate Homecoming with a win

Wildcatspread40: Linfield vs PLU instant Analysis

Wildcatville Blog: Linfield will honor Paul Durham's 100th birthday with helmet decals for L&C game

Wildcatville Blog: Linfield vs PLU Slideshow:

Newsregister (paywall): PLU game Story: Ripe for the picking

The News Tribune: Linfield slams door shut on PLU

Newsregister (paywall): Week off welcome for Linfield

The Mast (PLU student paper): Lutes' football gets thrashed by Wildcats

The Mast: Lutes football battered and bruised, but not finished

Whitworth Pirates YouTube Page: Tully talks Willamette game and Linfield

The News Tribune: Jokes stink, but PLU's play goof for win (L&C story)

LuteAthletics YouTube Page: Lute DC Jud Keim talks L&C game and Pacific (is every PLU coach a talker?)

The Willamette Collegian (page 1 of pdf): WU football keeps rolling 50-21 win. Salem paper covers the crap out of Willamette's big win over Whitworth

Willamette Bearcats Vimeo Page: Willamette HC talks Whitworth vs L&C

Willamette Bearcats Vimeo Page: Willamette player interviews

Full Access Sports Podcast: Willamette radio honks ramble on about Bearcats

CCTVsalem YouTube Page: Willamette vs Whitworth Highlights Pacific hammers UPS


DS said...

Ha! You've done enough with the Willamette radio honks and the Salem paper covering the crap out of Whitworth.
Don't even correct the oft done by me Linfeild clip.
Go all 'CATS!

Wildcat 11 said...


That's what happens when you play your football games on Friday night and compete against local HS football in Salem.